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Would you like to have clarity of what you want and  the confidence to ask for it? 

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Do, Delegate or Ditch Foundation Course
 8 Weeks to Deveop 
Solutions and Strategies That work for you
  • Discover what you need to work, learn & live at your best and the confidence to ask for it
  • Learn how you make good decisions  
  •  Change the way you talk and feel about time. 
  • Develop planning strategies that are aligned with the way you process and recall information
  • Join a community of liked minded people who will support and encourage you to do more of what you love and ditch the critic that says you can't . 
Hurry, This Course Starts Week commencing 
5th Oct 2020 and Places are limited
Proven Strategies that work
Do, Delegate or Ditch 
Has already Transformed hundreds of lives By Dramatically Improving Their confidence to Make Decisions and Ask for Help.  
Want more time for the things and people that matter ?  
Want to be more productive and effective?  
Want to be with people who get how hard it is to keep everyone happy, all of the time, that will support you through the change?
The decisions you make, each and every day and what you decide to pay attention to, has the ability to completely transform your life or turn it upside down. 
Right now with Covid pandemic many of us have for the first time expereinced the power of knowing you are not alone and many for the first time have felt the benefit of being able to share how hard the changes have impacted them. 

Social media has given us a platform to share our highs and lows and with celebrities and royality alike talking opening about mental health and the impact of stress more and more peopel are aware that they are not alone. Many have had their world turned upside down, plans changed and what used to work for you, may no longer available or it simply doesn't work any longer?  

If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, it is hard to make a good decision and in my 30 years of motivating individuals to take action I have come to understand that many of us have flawed decision making models and sadly we often don't realise until we hit crisis point.

When our models focus on what others want and we lose sight of what we need to work, learn and live at our best we can lose the confidence to ask for what we need, because we are already predicting the impact on others. When we make up what the impact will be we make decisions base on assumptions and we take away the other person's opportunity to decide.  

I know from persoally experience and it broke me.

At my worst time I felt so stuck, I could not see a way forward that did not result in someone getting hurt and so I went without which hurt me, mentally, physically, financially and emotionally. 

Iornically I had alreayd helped thousands of people solve this very problem and yet I was not taking my own advice. 

Once you know what you want, many can and do take action. Clarity 80% of the time is enough to create the change. Yet many get stuck and lose confidence in themselves and their ability to make good decisions.

When you know the action comes down to you. It is easy to assume you should be able to do this for yourself and by yourself. What many don't know is that different kinds of listening give your own system different feedback. It is the way you listen to that feedback that can and does evoke motivation to act.

When you are listened to in a particular way it can give you access to the wisdom you have within that you often cannot access alone. For many one to one coaching or just talking to a good friend can elicit this information and for others the power of a group is vital. When you work with a group with a common goal you often gain the language and insight that describes your experience in a way that you could never have done alone.  

In the age of information there is never a lack of free resources, opinions and suggestions but few offer you time and space to listen to yourself and the feedback you are giving yourself on a daily basis. It is this feedback that can and does impact you deeply. 

When you give yourself time to think, you create time to develop solutions and strategies that can support you to work, learn and live at your best both independently and collaboratively with others.  But thinking on your own can often be unproductive and ineffective, leaving you feeling trapped and isolated.  

That is where 'The Listening Detective' comes in. Yes sometimes all we need is some quiet time and space away from everything and everyone to think.  Other times we need questions to guide our attention and or feedback that gives us insights and awareness of our patterns and beliefs that are often outside our own conscious awareness.

Did you know there are up to 8 kinds of listening? 

More importantly do you know what kind of listening you need to gain clarity and build confidence in your own abilities and decison making process. 

  • Do, Delegate or Ditch will help you to understand which of the 8 kinds of listening you need to get to know yourself better. 
  • Do, Delegate or Ditch will help you develop the skills you need to manage yourself, your time and others more effectively. 
  • Do, Delegate or Ditch will improve your decision making and planning strategies by modelling what you need to work, learn and live at your best
  • Do, Delegate or Ditch will provide you with access to a community that will support you as you grow and change
  • Do, Delegate or Ditch will resource you to ditch the critic that says you can't. 
And you can get all of this in just 8 weeks.
Plus a free copy of the book Do, Delegate or Ditch - Making sense of why you say one thing and do another, which is due to be published spring 2021.

For full transparency, I have run this programme for ten years face to face and although I had always wanted to put it online, I had struggled ot make it a reality. Then Covid19 pandemic happened and I was forced to make it happen as I saw too many people suffering with the changes without clarity and confidence in their next best step. 

Because are evolving the process online I am keeping the numbers low until we have totally tested and process in the virtual world.

For this reason we are limiting the numbers to 12 per course.

The great thing is that, as soon as you sign up the community and connection begins. You will be given temporary access to the Do, Delegate or Ditch Academy and will be able to talk to people that have attended the course before and get to know us a little before we get started.

You will have instant access to the electronic version of the "Do, Delegate or Ditch Workbook" (Physical copies and a special gift from me will be posted to you the week we get started) 

This course will require an average of 3 hours of your time per week. 

What happens next?
Week 1 - Setting you up for success
We will explore what you want to get from the programme and how will know it is working?

Week 2 - Learning at your best
We will explore what you need to learn at your best on line in our group as well as considering learning in other areas of your life. 

Week 3 - Working at your best
We will explore what, when and where you work at your best? What works for you now and what would need to happen for it to work better? 

Week 4 - Living at your best
What is the point of working and learning if you don't feel like you are living and having fun. We will explore what it means to be living at yuor best? What brings you joy and happiness and what needs to happen for you do to more of what you love.

Week 5 - How to make good decisions?
We will explore how you make decisions and what determines a good decision? 

Week 6 - Time
We will be exploring how you talk about time and how you feel about time and how that impacts your decision making and your ability to work, learn and live at your best.

Week 7 - Planning and Next steps
You will create a plan that you truly believe in that is aligned with what works for you now and the future.

Week 8 - Celebrating Change
All too often when change happens we fail to notice it or celebrate it. The last week we will be giving and receiving feedback about what worked, what didn't and what could work better but mostly we will be noticing the progress made and truly celebrating with a celebration party online Tuesday 2nd June 2020. 7pm to 9pm

How the programme works is that I set a task on Monday and you have a week to complete it. You will need about 2 hours a week which can be 20 mins per day or one chunk of two hours.
Plus a 4 x 2 hour mentoring call fortnightly

You can choose to attend 7pm Tues or 9.30am Wed

Calls are scheduled for: 

Tuesday 6th Oct, 20th Oct, 3rd Nov, 17th Nov 
Wednesday 7th Oct, 21st Oct, 4th Nov, 18th Nov 

Week commencing:
-5th Oct
-19th Oct
-2nd Nov 
-16th Nov 

1st Dec 7pm to 8.30pm is party night to celebrate all that you have discovered with your peer learning group. 

You can choose to attend either Tues 7pm, Wed  9.30am or both
You will get access to me Monday to Friday in the Facebook group and you will have the workbook to use for life and access to the recordings online. 

All this for just £597 

Or For a limited time only you can become a member of the Do, Delegate or Ditch Academy for a minimum of six months and get up to £3000 worth of training over 12 months for FREE

The Do, Delegate or Ditch Academy has a special rate for the first 30 founding members of just £97 per month. 
As Thomas Jefferson once said:
“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”
When you act today you will also benefit from your free 30 minutes one to one clarity session. 
There Is SO Much In  Do, Delegate or Ditch, Literally Nothing Can Stop You, Developing Clarity of What You Want &  The Confidence to Ask for Help Without Fear of Failure or Guilt
Here's What You Get When You Sign Up:
  • The 'Do, Delegate or Ditch Workbook' proven models to improve the way you manage yourself
  • Video Tutorials and worksheets introducing you to the 6 Core Skills and 6 Core Models 
  • 8 weeks of step by step training supported by Fortnightly Group Mentoring Calls via Zoom
  • Weekly accountability and progress reporting via the private Facebook group
  • Peer support without peer pressure- a community that cares about your success. 
The Do, Delegate or Ditch programme Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World...and I am so excited to share a couple of their stories with you here.....
Will you be the next Success Story?
Lesley Holyoake 
Peace and Clarity 
Every time I work through this process I come away with such peace and clarity. It encourages me to look at the bigger picture of my life and what the next few steps are, whilst empowering me to ditch anything that is not serving me. The live retreats enable me to access my peaceful self and highlight what is interrupting that. That in turn gives me understanding of what I need to do, to create the change I want.  The 8 week online version really helped me when I was struggling to find any time for myself... Just committing to the one call a week for 8 weeks was enough to help the changes roll through. Sheryl really does understand what gets in the way of following our own heart and what the impact is on us and our relationships. I really feel that attending Do, Delegate or Ditch has been fundamental to improving the quality of my life. 

Zoe Perkins

Life Changing

I was running 3 businesses, a single mum of two and in a personal relationship that was eating away at my soul. I knew it wasn’t right and found myself persisting wanting to make it work.

The very first session I remember being asked, where would I like to be?
I found myself on the carpeted floor with colouring pens and crying because all I wanted was to be able to sit on the carpet with my children and have some fun.
As a single mum the pressure was on me to provide financially for my family and emotionally I didn’t feel supported. I remember talking about my ideal Christmas and my first few sessions were focused on how would my personal life, business life and family need to be, to make it possible.
Do, Delegate or Ditch gave me the tools to teach me to listen to myself, to include ME in my busy world.
Belinda Langford - Butler
The Power of Me
As You Can See...
The Do, Delegate or Ditch Has Already Helped Individuals Just Like You ..........
 Are YOU Next?
Like I mentioned before, Do, Delegate or Ditch is only available to twelve people at this time.  

Oh, and in case you're wondering...
Time is of the essence...
Here's why...

We only run this course twice a year and so the next time won't be until Feb 2021.

Not to mention the minute  you sign up you will become a member of the group on line and the journey and connections begin.

The calls will be held fortnightly and you can choose to attend:

Tuesday evening 7pm UK time (First call 6th Oct 2020) 

Wednesday morning 9.30am UK time (First call 7th Oct 2020) 

They then run fortnightly until the 17th and 18th Nov with a final group celebration call:

Tuesday 1st Dec 7pm to 8.30pm 

The sooner you sign up the sooner you can get started, the sooner you can take the pressure off yourself and start to make the change.  

Exploring what you want from the course and what you need to set yourself for success.  

If this page is still here, then the good news is that there is still place, however I do reserve the right to pull it down at any time.
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Access To Do, Delegate or Ditch - 8 Week Foundation Course Now Before All The Spaces Are Gone...
The Listening Detective
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P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you access to: The Do, Delegate or Ditch - 8 Week Foundation Course that includes:

The Do, Delegate or Ditch Workbook and experiential online learning experience where you can discover what you need to work, learn and live at your best; Develop 6 Core models proven to improve your decision making and planning strategies; Develop the 6 Core skills required to manage yourself and others through change; Develop solutions, strategies and a support network that works for you all whilst taming your time monsters so that you have more time for the people and things that matter.

Course starts week commencing  5th Oct 2020 and calls will take place Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning with the lesson being our celebration party on the 1st Dec 2020 7pm. 

Yes that it is all in this one programme. 

So, click the button below to get access now. You won't regret it.
The Do, Delegate or Ditch - 8 Week Foundation Course
passive income millionaire, passive income, 7 figure passive income, douglas vermeeren, doug vermeeren, the opus
A mum of a blended family five and three grandchildren and self employed working from home for 20 years; Sheryl is no stranger to being stretched between responsibilities.
On the outside she looked and sounded like she had it all together but inside she was falling apart. She had lost her sense of humour; impatient and often crying.
She was too scared to admit she needed help in case her clients and potential clients lost confidence in her. She didn't want to ask family and friends because she felt guilty if they gave up their time and it didn't help.
Eventually she hit rock bottom; divorce; death of her mum and the breakdown of her relationship with her daughter left her struggling. That is when her husband said: "What would you tell your clients to do?"
The answer was: "Get a coach and develop my own support network where I can be real and honest with myself"
That day she started to attend her own programmes and this book is a summary of what her and her clients needed to work, learn and live at their best without fear of failure or guilt.

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